Soulwinning via Prison Witnessing

Soulwinning via Prison Witnessing  Hi. My name is Pat Brown and my wife and I are new to River of Glory. I’ve been asked to share with RoG what I do each weekend. I’m a soul winner. I live to introduce others to God. The [...] Read more »

I'm In His Loving Hands

I'm In His Loving Hands Carolyn is blessed; she has felt loved.She sat beside me for years on our familiar pew. I knew she was a widow through our conversations after church. One Sunday morning during worship I turned to glance at her; I saw [...] Read more »

My Life Guard

While on a recent trip to Mexico, my husband, Glen, and I took a hike, with our backpack, over a huge rock to get to the beach you can swim in.  The Pacific Ocean was totally off limits for swimming.  Once over the rocks, we thought we [...] Read more »

The Love of God

The wrath of God was satisfied at the cross but His love wasn't.  The cross was the greatest act of love this world has ever seen.  It changed the order of every realm, and created all things new.  It destroyed the power of death, [...] Read more »